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Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream
10th Dec 2020

New Chamois Cream now in 2 tube sizes…

Looking for our large Chamois Cream 8oz tub? We have changed the format based on feedback to an easier and more hygienic large 8oz tube (you can still also buy the smaller 4oz tube too).

It will now be thicker, easier and more hygienic to use Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream and we would like to thank our fans for their patience whilst we wait for this be delivered from the USA.

The large tube will be available soon from the usual stockists. In the meantime you can purchase as part of our Cycling Box here.

Kiss Chub Rub Goodbye
24th Jun 2020

Kiss Chub Rub Goodbye!

As we enter into the summer season most of us are looking forward to everything summer brings. Barbecues, fresh fruit, ice cream….CHUB RUB?! No thanks!

We all love summertime but for many it can be a bit of a pain. So what is chub rub and why don’t we talk about it? According to The Teen Health Source “Chub Rub is that uncomfortable sensation that comes from when your thighs rub together. This condition is often much worse in hot weather. It typically affects people with thighs that naturally touch, but all kinds of people may experience chub rub.”

Chafing is a pest and it can affect us in many ways whether it’s feeling the burn from friction after wearing a dress on a hot day or blistering pain on the chest after a run. And it’s not just women who suffer, men get it too! At Udderly Smooth UK we think we need to lift the lid on chafing and start talking about it, after all there is no shame here and in the words of Lizzo (queen of body positivity) “thick thighs save lives”. We are always pleased to see our name called out on ‘best of’ lists to combat chafing with many giving us the honour of best budget hack for keeping friction at bay. At just £5.60 per tube (yes you heard me) you can beat the chafe without breaking the bank.


If you are fed up with friction, our Udderly Smooth Chamois Anti Chafe Cream with Shea Butter could be your new best friend.. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear some 5 star testimonials below

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Chub Rub

I use this amazing cream to stop ‘chub rub’ especially under the arms in hot weather when I want to wear sleeveless shirts. It is fantastic, seems to reduce sweating and even hair growth! Makes hot days much more comfortable and no more sore bits.
Not just for cyclists, Sioux

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A Must Have

Works a treat and lasts all day. I must have if you want to wear a dress in the summer and not get sore thighs, Mrs G


Literally if you even slightly get chub rub get this it’s saved me from all of my summer pain that I usually have and normally lasts like the whole day saved me for festivals and beach trips and just wearing shorts in general, Shannon

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brilliant Product

Brilliant product! Used this while hiking in Montenegro where temps were very high. No chaffing for me. A little goes a long way, Deby

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Miracle Product 

Just completed a 30 mile hike yesterday and I’m in agony. The only place on my entire body I have no pain or irritation what so ever is my thighs, when “chub rub” is something I normally struggle with badly. Before purchase, I was sceptical as to this product’s effectiveness but it really is a god send. C. J. Lambert

Udderly Smooth Chamois Anti Chafing Cream
3rd Jun 2020

Celebrating World Bicycle Day

Today is World Bicycle Day and we celebrate our favourite mode of transport, the bicycle. Whether you’re a racer, a slow pacer or a commuter, the bike is the gift that keeps giving and our Udderly Smooth Anti Chafing Chamois Cream (with shea butter) is the must have product to prevent chafing.

As we humans try to recover and rebuild during the Covid-19 pandemic our planet also recovers and mother nature is silently hard at work behind the scenes. With the lack of car pollution we have seen our air quality become cleaner and many of us are left wondering (where possible) if we need to use the car to get to work or should we bring out the bike. The cleanest mode of transport (besides walking) not only respects our planet but also has HUGE health benefits… and who doesn’t want to feel a little better?

Forbes tells us that “commuters who cycled to work had a 41% lower risk of dying from all causes than people who drove or took public transport. They also had a 46% lower risk of developing and a 52% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, and a 45% lower risk of developing and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer.”

WOW!! We can’t argue with those numbers. The only downside to cycling is saddle sore but fear not… kiss chafed backsides goodbye with Udderly Smooths Anti Chafing Chamois Cream (with shea butter). This “miracle cream” works wonders on that awful burn caused by cycling. But don’t take our word for it check out our 5 star reviews from our very satisfied customers HERE.



Shane Williams Udderly Smooth
6th May 2020

“Udderly Smooth probably saved my life” Rugby legend Shane Williams is a fan!

At Udderly Smooth UK we know the amazing benefits of our products, but when you get a special shout out it makes things feel even sweeter. Especially when it was in the name of charity!!

If you are a rugby fan, Shane Williams MBE is no stranger to you, but did you know that he’s an incredible charity fundraiser? In his latest challenge he cycled 774 miles on his indoor bike during lockdown. His backbreaking challenge will support Velindre Cancer Centre and our NHS frontline workers as they battle tough challenges to help keep us safe in our time of need. We are so proud of his hard work and determination and i’m sure you’ll join us when we say a huge THANK YOU to him!

Our silky soft Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream is a cyclist’s best friend helps prevent saddle sores and stops you from feeling the burn in all the wrong places! This allows you to power through those long cycles and focus on the finish line!

Take a look at Shane’s journey over on his instagram and if you can, please donate to his worthy cause at HERE. We just checked and he’s raised over a whopping £12,000!!

Watch the video here –


5th Oct 2016

Udderly Smooth supports Cyclone 24

Wales’ 24 hour track relay set to clock up 10,000 miles for homelessness charity

Hot on the ‘wheels’ of Team GB’s amazing achievements in Rio, Welsh homelessness charity, The Wallich, is hosting an epic fundraising cycle challenge, which will see participants cycle the equivalent distance from Cardiff to Sydney.

Cyclone 24 will take riders on a journey totalling 10,000 miles, during a 24 hour track relay which will take place at Wales National Velodrome.

We are pleased to be supporting this worthwhile event and wish everyone the very best of luck!

This is the second consecutive year the Cyclone 24 event has taken place following last year’s hugely successful inaugural event, which raised over £17,000 to support homeless and vulnerable people across Wales.

In total, 24 teams of six cyclists will ride non-stop around the velodrome track beginning at midday on Sunday October 16.

Cyclone 24 is a joint event between strategic branding agency Stills and The Wallich and is being supported by local businesses The Victoria Park Clinic, Effective Communication and cycle coaching specialists Rowe & King. Additional supporters include Source Insurance, 9Bar, Shake Shack and Udderly Smooth.

Steve Sulley, Managing Director of Stills said: “Partnering with the Wallich on Cyclone 24 was an easy decision for me. They are a charity that change the lives of vulnerable homeless people.

“They don’t just provide a cup of tea on a cold morning, their support systems provide a path to a whole new way of living. That ethos is the reason that we adopted the Wallich as our nominated charity. They are also our neighbours, and we love cycling, so this is the perfect partnership.”

Zoe Westerman, Strategic Relationships Manager at The Wallich said: “We are so grateful to everyone who has already committed to support the Cyclone 24 event.

“Cycling is such a fantastic sport to take part in and I don’t think anyone can fail to have been impressed by the fantastic achievement of the Team GB cyclists and of course our own homegrown talent within that.

“As a bonus, not only is it a great form of exercise but also very sociable too, and a great way of networking. We look forward to welcoming all new and returning cyclists to this year’s Cyclone24.”

12th May 2016

*WIN* NEW Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream with Shea Butter tub revealed

We are VERY excited that one of our TOP selling products has had a fresh make-over! In fact, we would go as far to say that it is Udder MOO-valous! We have always prided ourselves on providing fun, quirky yet effective products that offer great value for money, and the new design of the Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream with Shea Butter tub is no exception.

This special anti-chaffing cream has been a firm favourite with cyclists and with the new clean and kitsch design we are sure it will continue to be so. Remember that Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream with Shea Butter also comes in a handy tube for use on the go…we look forward to a new design for the tube soon!

**WIN** Your very own tub of Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream with Shea Butter!
To celebrate the new design, we are giving away 5 tubs of Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream with Shea Butter to 5 lucky winners. All you have to do is submit a review here of the product before 31st May 2016. For an extra entry into the competition send us a photo of you to with a new design tub before the end of the month.



Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.14.48
17th Feb 2015

Forbes reports on Udderly Smooth

Last month Forbes magazine in the USA reported on the success of Udderly Smooth in the US and here in the UK with storming sales of our anti-chaffing Chamois Cream for cyclists.

It is great o see Udderly Smooth being recognised by Forbes and just shows how the word is spreading around the world about our fantastic range of products.

Read the full article here.



Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream
11th May 2014

Over 1000 reviews on for Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

Our Chamois Cream is helping cyclists everywhere avoid uncomfortable Chaffing on rides up and down the UK and beyond!  Don’t just take our word for it, the product has received over 1000 reviews on, the UK’s leading Cycling supplies website!  95% of reviewers would recommend the product and at a great price of just £8.99 (saving 10% on the RRP when buying through Wiggle), it offers great value too!